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Beyond the ego, what ultimately counts is not what you take, but the values you leave behind.

— Loic Leferme





A gentle introduction to freediving!

Program :

Relaxation and theory: On the beach, you’ll start your session with a moment of relaxation and reconnection. You’ll experience the basic techniques of freediving preparation.

Static apnea: During your apnea discovery course near Fort de France, you’ll observe what happens in the body during apnea and learn techniques to extend your apneas in complete safety. In a protected environment, you’ll improve your performance in static apnea, so that you can take advantage of it during your outings in Martinique, and anywhere else in the world.

Vertical freediving: In the exceptional setting of the Caribbean Sea, you’ll discover how to compensate for your ears and learn to feel at ease underwater.


AIDA certification is recognized worldwide.
AIDA 2 is the basic course for all beginners at ease with the aquatic environment. It covers the techniques and knowledge needed to practice freediving to 20m in complete safety, with or without a reference rope. During your freediving course in Martinique, you’ll discover the main disciplines: static freediving, dynamic freediving and vertical freediving (free immersion and constant weight).
Your enjoyment is our priority and the key to your progress. So the course will follow your pace.

Prerequisites: Ability to swim 200m without fins, or 300m with fins, mask and snorkel. Medical certificate of no contraindication to freediving.

Validation criteria: 2 minutes of static apnea, 40m of dynamic apnea on twin fins, 12m (maximum 20m) on constant weight twin fins, theory exam.

Price: 220€ + 20€ AIDA certification fee






AIDA certification is recognized worldwide. AIDA 3 is an advanced course. You’ll develop the techniques and knowledge you need to plan your training and organize freediving sessions to a depth of 30m with other freedivers of equivalent level. You’ll also learn more about safety procedures and the risks associated with pressure. You’ll also learn new techniques such as variations on Frenzel compensation, freefall and training concepts. Prerequisites: AIDA 2 (or equivalent). Medical certificate of no contraindication to freediving. Validation criteria – Static apnea: 2 minutes 45 seconds – Dynamic freediving: 55 meters – Constant weight: 24 meters (max. 30 meters) – Theoretical exam Price: 300€ + 20€ AIDA certification fee


AIDA 4 is the highest level of certification a recreational freedivers can achieve. You’ll discover the latest techniques, knowledge and safety procedures for deep freediving. These new techniques will include CRF diving, mouthfill, packing… You’ll perfect your skills in static apnea, dynamic apnea, constant weight, free immersion and variable weight. You’ll also discover warm-up and stretching techniques (including specific stretching of the respiratory muscles), training techniques and nutritional notions beneficial to the freedivers who wish to maximize their potential. You’ll learn how to manage your equipment: appropriate knots, braiding techniques, setting up a workshop before the dive… Finally, you will learn the role of Assistant Instructor. This will include running a proper warm-up session, supervising students of all levels during lessons… Prerequisites: AIDA 3. Medical certificate of no contraindication to freediving. First aid certificate. Validation criteria : static apnea 3 minutes 30 seconds dynamic apnea 70m constant weight 32m theoretical exam Price: 400€ + 20€ AIDA certification fee






Turn your passion into a profession In the only center to offer the Aida Instructor in the French West Indies! This intensive training course will introduce you to the Aida education system and help you acquire the knowledge, skills and pedagogy that will enable you to teach professionally anywhere in the world (in France, you need a BPJEPS to be paid). During the course, you will : Familiarize yourself with the standards and pedagogical tools available to you. Develop your theoretical knowledge at instructor level, as well as the teaching skills you need to teach freediving. You’ll learn how to manage several students and organize a freediving course in complete safety. Through different scenarios, you’ll gain the confidence to identify and anticipate the mistakes and problems you encounter during freediving lessons, and guide your students to overcome them. You’ll also learn about other aspects of freediving instruction: liability, risk management, marketing and freediving as a business. You’ll be expected to lead by example in raising awareness and preserving the marine environment. This is a course based on excellence, so candidates are held to a high standard. As part of this course, you’ll need to have the right attitude to become a freediving instructor, a thorough knowledge of theory, exemplary freediving and safety skills. Candidates are expected to be able to validate performances right from the start of the course. Minimum performances with ease : STA min. 4 to 5 min DYN 90m DNF 50m CWT min 40 to 50m FIM min. 40 to 50m CWT 30m, minimum time 1:30 FIM 30m, minimum time 2:00 CNF 20m Variable weight demonstration 15m rescue with 0:45 to 1:00 agachon 25m rescue with 50m tow CWT 5X20m with 1:00 surface interval Price: €950


From beginner to athlete, we can provide you with our expertise on your specific problems: relaxation, blockages, technique, compensation… Over one or more sessions, we’ll design a customized program tailored to your specific needs. Price: €30/hour, minimum 2 hours




Group session


The fundives allow you to come and train in complete safety. Accessible to certified freedivers, you can practice in pairs, relax and even make new friends! Price : 30€

Surf Survival​

Join OneBreath and discover the techniques of freediving for surfers. We’ve designed this program especially for surfers. You’ll learn how to hold your breath for several minutes through various exercises, so you can approach your surf sessions without stress or anxiety. Price: €110



Surf Survival​



Come and discover the beauty and richness of Martinique’s seabed. We’ll guide you in complete safety as we share our passion for underwater flora and fauna. Price: please contact us


Learn the essential techniques for safe and effective spearfishing !
Price: consult us




Discover the basics of underwater photography during a complete course, from shooting techniques to post-image processing. Would you like to have a souvenir of your dives in Martinique? We’ll immortalize these precious moments for you in underwater photos and/or videos. Price: please contact us

Registration conditions

  • Must be at least 18 years old, or over 16 with parental consent
  • Ability to swim 100 m with fins, mask and snorkel
  • Specific liability insurance for underwater sports compulsory, can be issued if necessary

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Martinique, FWI

In the exceptional setting of the Caribbean Sea.

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